super giant

Small Press letterpressed poster Wine Label Illustration - Schule VineyardsLogo - Cool Rochester Intr-O-WheelPoster - Alt Theater Gig Poster - Gull etcBook Design - "Broke"Greenfern MagazineCover Design - Sunnyoutside PressIdentity collateral Postcard - James JoyceBook Design - Enthusiast StatementsPoster - LanguageSilkscreened Poster - Flooded at Vault GalleryLetterpress InvitationsSilkcreened Poster - LeahyPoster - Here Be MonstersAlgae & Tentacles2011 Calendar

SUPER GIANT is a design studio dedicated to creating original and inspired visual communication. We like partnering with growing businesses and established institutions, artists and event promoters, publishers and retailers.

We will soon be rolling out a new website, including a comprehensive portfolio, personnel information, and a client list. Until then, contact us here so we can start working together with you!